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It is Wednesday, and for most of the Year 5 population (all the best Art students!), this is the end of finals. End of Finals! Sadly, in IB, rounding-ups and Conclusions are only ever provisional.

Still, End of Finals has an interesting side-effect. It anesthesizes us to the reality of outstanding work-to-be-done. This may be a temporary effect, but even this brief respite from the awareness of outstanding work is novel, or seems novel. (Pre-IB feels very long ago.)

In the wake of this serial internment,
No-lifers bummed indolent.
Oh! what aggravation! There loomed a decision:
But — we dithered, despondent.

Well, we did eventually get onto bus 14 (along with enough Y5s to occupy the entire vehicle). Food Republic for lunch, followed by a trip to Lido, where nearly half of us were diverted by Balls of Fury.

The rest of us dithered for a while longer. Six of us packed a table beneath the bend of a stairwell. A land of milk and honey caramel beckoned (‘Only 10 steps away’), and passers-by seemed arrested in an interminable isochronism. (Well, people did actually stroll around in a circle around the stairwell!) That, combined with crippling indecision, suggested a kind of Existentialist Limbo. (Bleargh.)

We transcended, and surrendered to the embrace of Quality Lit. at Borders. At least, for the first few minutes. Jia observed our devolution as we drifted into the children’s section. Christabel was severly tempted by the lure of wallets, pencil-cases and the like. (‘I love stationery!’) But Andrew arrived, and with his expert knowledge of coffee places in Orchard at our disposal, we migrated to Starbucks at Paragon for more bumming.

Faced with another long weekend (“Oh rude unthankfulness!”), plans for cycling, soccer and the like coalesce; whether or not they will amount to anything still remains uncertain at this point. The quest for the Universal Host still demands completion. Productive pursuits (and pretensions) are visible on the horizon, despite willful blindness.

Ending thought: I quote hawtymcbloggy.com: “Normally I am a nice person but sometimes I just love being an ass since I have a microphone, an audience, and the anonymity of a gamertag (I work hard to prove John [Gabriel]’s theory correct). Pretty awesome, huh?”

It was about multiplayer Halo 3, but if you substitute ‘the anonymity of a gamertag’ …

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