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“SIA’s historic A380 arrives in Singapore”

Though it touched down 10 minutes late. (Article.) Did I mention I saw it land?

I arrived at the airport with Zheyu to watch it come in. We weren’t fortunate enough to get the best view, and unfortunately I couldn’t any pictures worth anything. And there was that man standing on Terminal 3’s roof waiting for it: He probably got the best view of all.

Still, we saw the water salute, where two fire engines fire their hoses upwards and in convergence, forming a kind of arch for the plane to taxi through. The picture’s bad, but you can just make out the (massive) tail…

Water Salute

As a knowledgeable Changi denizen, Zheyu informed me it was traditional to welcome new planes that way. This A380, the first of nineteen (with an option for ten), ought to be based at Changi for the next twenty years or so. Twenty four 747s will also be scrapped in time.

Also, a poem.

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