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1/3 camps completed, before the holidays have properly started. The feeling of accomplishment or whatever is probably unfounded. The idea of a formal start to the holidays is quite irrelevant. And ‘holidays’ as a concept is really (thesaurus.com)ed-up.

I’ve been at band camp since Friday, and I got home a few hours ago. I’m pretty exhausted, but I’m energized by the excitement that accompanies the prospect of English and Chinese (remedial) classes tomorrow!

No, not really. Especially for Chinese. But not really ‘no’ for English.

Anyway, on Friday, it was school, rehearsal, and Oktoberfeast = Good music and company.

Camp was quite typical, I guess. ‘Typical’ has generally positive connotations in this case. There’s music, and the prospect of roughly two whole days with my ‘bone. I am loving the return of my tone and projection. Playing doesn’t feel strained for the first extended stretch since SYF.

There’s the view at night, when I lie on the tables right next to the window and look straight up and out. The windows are really pretty big, and I’m almost at sill-level when I’m on my makeshift bed. (Looking at my description, it sounds potentially dangerous, but it never feels that way.)

There’s usually lots of games and stuff, but I think I had less of games overall this camp. But there was mahjong. Free time between rehearsals during camp acquires an increased allure, for some reason. It usually means greater enjoyment.

There’s also some measure of frustration and boredom,  what with repeatedly playing stuff I already can. Although I’m used to it (ego!), the frustration increases somewhat when there seems to be a lack of concentration. This is also typical, and is typically reversed towards performance day, at the last minute. Needlessly stressful? Thrilling, perhaps?

Frustration and boredom aside, I am really looking forward to the concert. I can really see some of the music just completing the atmosphere, and I’m not thinking of the typical Christmas stuff.

Some of the music we will be playing (which I wasn’t really thinking about in the previous sentence) is from PotC 3: At World’s End. (Head’s up, Fab and Yang Jian.) It’s a really fun song to play. And it’s full circle for me and some of this year’s Y5s. PotC 1 was out in Sec 1, and we played that some time later. We played PotC 2. Now we’re going to play PotC 3, and we should be the first band to be doing that in Singapore.

It’s pretty late and I’m quite exhausted,  so I don’t think I’ll attempt to figure out why that feeling of ‘full circle’ really hit me so hard. Maybe some other time.

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