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It’s nearly the end of Thursday, and perhaps because more than half the week had gone by with no strenuous physical activity, I felt the urge to run. Suffice to say, if I had a 2.4 today, I would probably have gotten a C. (Perhaps even a D! Horrors!) It’s been 2 months or so since I last ran at night, and the route’s changed for the worse, what with the construction and stuff going on. The air quality was so bad, if I hadn’t been running on the other side of the road from the construction sites, the run would have done more damage than good.

Tomorrow’s Chinese B paper may represent:

  • A 7 you Need and will get with ease,
  • A 7 you don’t particularly care for, and perhaps a 6 to be content with, or
  • The last day you’re going to consciously read Chinese.

The last one might be cause for celebration.

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