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Mythic Proportions

Whoa… Amber is the color of your energy.
Whoa… Shades of gold displayed naturally.

311 (say three-eleven) and the reggae vibe are animating me right now. I’ve been in limbo for most of two days. Almost no work done, and inertia (ironically I was stuck at this word for 5 minutes) is strengthening its grip. Alternatively, it’s gaining momentum.

Archetypes early in the morning pretty much short-circuited my system. At least, the verbal part of it. Perhaps it was the lack of caffeine. The hero myth and the Myth of Sisyphus interact in strange ways.

Sisyphus and the Hero Myth

As does the mother idea, The Moor’s Last Sigh and Medea. And Camus.

Some time over the weekend, I was also preparing my personal budget for 2008. That also put things in frightening perspective. Counting out weeks and meals led absurdly quickly to the few weeks after term 4, which represent the final exams.

And if you haven’t seen the Perry Bible Fellowship, check this out.

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