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Your Nerves Will Spark With Yesterday’s Static

I was listening to some of the “Lights, Camera ACtion!” (December ’06 band concert) and “Haven” recordings today. Quite often, I cringe when I listen to them, but they make me smile as well. (That kind of gets me strange looks in town, but then lots of music makes me smile.) I think overall, there’s more affection than disdain.

It might be narcissism; I performed in both events. To say that I have ‘pride in my work’ verges on euphemism. Actually, it would be untrue because in the state I’m sometimes in when listening to music (quite often when its classical or band), I listen for perfection, and the performance is definitely quite far from it. Even expression-wise, some interpretations just strike me as spot-on while others just sound ‘off’, even if they might be ‘valid’. I don’t always play (or live) up to my own standard, though.

That might be hypocrisy, but were I to attempt to detect my own self-consciousness, I’d explode in the feedback loop. External detection is generally less dangerous.

I am reminded of a mini-arc from Templar, Arizona that is startlingly appropriate. Read it! It’s only about five strips long or so. It would be a good diversion even if it wasn’t in any way relevant. The language might offend, though.

I remember when I used to cringe in the dark at concerts. I vaguely remember failing to limit the apparent symptoms, and it has probably distracted a few fellow audience members who’ve had the misfortune of being seated around me. Growing out of that nasty habit definitely increased my enjoyment. Also, on the providential occasions I am offered a sustained vision of perfection, the experience is orgasmic.

The huge difference between the recording and the concert, of course, is the experience. It’s sensory in memory. The recordings I mentioned at the beginning were the memory stimulators today. There tends to be a good post-event supper for band concert. The air backstage and in the hall have their (sometimes strange) smells, and I would venture to say that the air at concerts is slightly more ionized. Watching all those great concerts at VCH and the Esplanade are a big reason why I love the area so much. When it’s not just the sound, the flaws aren’t that big a deal. The atmosphere just has to be great, never perfect.

And, really, this is an afterthought: Do watch some concerts this holiday! Not necessarily any of the three of mine! But that’s definitely welcome! I sense a disturbance in the Force from the ‘Yeah, right!’ thought bubbles forming, but This Is Not An Advertisement! (No, the comic’s not reverse psychology!)

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  1. 14 November 2007 at 12:27 pm

    haven recordings are HAHA! :S
    well at least you didn’t fall into the orchestra pit :P

  2. Cuthbert
    14 November 2007 at 11:09 pm

    You winner lah! I think I cringed so often at the singing I started to automatically edit them out from my consciousness.

  1. 15 January 2008 at 10:02 pm

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