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Band Camp! (No. 2)

I’ve just put in the last few items into my bag. The bag is of considerable bulk. The imminent six-day camp is the longest that’s been organized so far. That statistic was a ready excuse for me to pack stuff that I usually consider to be of questionable utility. It was tempting to indulge.

I’m hoping I won’t waste away all my free time on cards and stuff. Realistically, I think I’ll be able to finish up the last bits of my essay draft. Perhaps the environment might inspire significant progress in my compo.

My bass is going to be in my room. I foresee much practicing, along with some idle musing. I’ll also naturally be spending a lot of time on my trombone. Hopefully I can level-up and own Brilliant Fantasy (for Christmas Classics, as well as a measure of personal satisfaction).

I also hope I’ll have frequent opportunities to access wireless networks while simultaneously enjoying a sugar/caffeine fix.

But mostly I hope the practices will be excellent, so that concert will be excellent.

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