I’ve been unable to get to sleep quickly every night this week so far. A list of the reasons reasons would probably include Wuthering Heights, the shirt design, nostalgia and most annoyingly, music. My earworm has attained such proportions, it’s more of an earwyrm now. Last night, for example, I spent what felt to me like a good half hour trying to restrain myself from drumming rhythms (they were mainly variations on One rhythm) on the underside of my bed.

One of the results of sleep being so difficult to achieve is slightly increased caffeine consumption, which doesn’t help the situation very much. (Also, I think the word ‘slightly’ in the previous sentence doesn’t mean very much considering consumption was already quite high. And there I go with ‘quite’ again.)

I can’t honestly say the week was wasted, because there was a good number of productive tasks completed. Though I spent quite a bit of time on non-homework-ey stuff, like labeling and schedules and cleaning. (Oh, and the war between MH and Regs in LoT. MH got whipped, to the order of 5 KTs to 0, thanks in part to my expansion scrolls.) A bit more focused effort on EE will probably bring the workload out of danger levels. The problem, of course, is ‘focus’.

Next week will be pretty hectic, what with JC Band Fest 2007 and of course, Christmas Classics immediately following. More musical immersion! Yesterday I read an article about noise pollution in Asia in Reader’s Digest, which somewhat reflected my concerns about noise and my hearing. It’s not just the noise around that’s a bother, though. This week was something of an intermission between band camp and band fest, but there’s been so much noise in my head! Along with some music. I just wish some of it would come out properly when I’m facing that incomplete manuscript!

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