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Playlist 2007

This list is limited: there aren’t any purely instrumental songs; none of the songs are more than 5:19; the songs are pop/rock (this is a Vague Label); etc. The songs are from albums or artists I’ve listened to a lot in the year in some instances, but not in others. The list isn’t representative in any well-defined sense. So why the list? Well, these songs have been part of life in 2007.

Some of the songs have been animating forces at some time or other [9, 15]. (I think no. 1 could be considered one of those animating forces as well. It’s my alarm clock tone. It also makes a good playlist opener.) Some other songs were equally infectious, but they didn’t fill up as much as they washed over [4, 7, 8]. Some are imprinted on the memory from time spent practicing [10, 11]. They might be walking songs [5, 14] or running songs [9, 12], or otherwise strongly associated with a time or mood [2, 6, 14, pretty much everything]. But, whatever else it may be, it’s a worthy list.

Playlist 2007

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  1. fab
    22 December 2007 at 10:22 pm

    I just like the way everything is nicely capitalised.

  2. Cuthbert
    23 December 2007 at 6:30 pm

    Slightly OCD library managing at work there.

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