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A Question of Plausibility

It is over an hour into 31 December 2007, which means less than 1380 minutes into 1 January 2008. I thought I might make known the significance of the title of this months-old blog before 2008 commences. Actually, it would be more honest to say that I will conjecture about coincidental convergences between the phrase and an inadvertently incident idea.

It sometimes feels like plausibility and implausibility define each other. Plausibility seems to be an inherently relational idea. (I was tempted to add ‘at time situational’.) But there’s so much that seems to manage both plausibility and implausibility so well that they hint at some kind of border, or perhaps a center. Good jokes do it, and there are comedic geniuses.

This thought blew my mind earlier in an Om-ish, Colour Purple-ish way.

Also, I’ll be wanting to change the title soon.

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