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The school day was agreeably brief.

And after school, a party of eight, shortly joined by four, had lunch at Wah Chee. (The final xii: Yang Jian, Foo, Chong Wee, Mich, Cherems, Rekha, Chups, Chris, Andrew, Jia, Chaya and I.) Yang Jian commented that it felt like Chiang Mai again, and I couldn’t keep the coins out of what was left of the food.

Alas, I had to return to school to take measurements for (QM-related) stuff, and when Yeang asked about the tape measure over my neck and shoulders, I told him, ‘Tailoring EP.’

I had also intended to re-string my bass, which was managed with help from Bevan and Matthew, but only after accomplishing the epic task of cleaning out the IB band room. (It’s more of an IB band closet, really, but it’s our closet.)

I didn’t intend to clean up the place, but it was as though I was imbued with the drive to clean, and it was irresistible. Maybe ’tis the season, for Spring cleaning. It started off rather modestly, with the litter and bottles and empty boxes, but reinforcements (namely Matthew) arrived. He was seemingly possessed by the same spirit, and when our eyes lit upon the mammoth roll of old carpet, it seemed nothing less than imperative that we liberate the space it was taking up. But the task of liberation proved problematic, especially since the resettlement site selected was just below ceiling level. Although I have no real idea of what elephant skin would be like, that was exactly what the carpet reminded me of. It was huge, grey, wrinkled and very, very heavy. (Sounds more like a description of an elephant than just the skin, actually.) Moving the rolled-up carpet through the room was no easy task, either, since our room really is closet-like: narrow and crowded. Many other objects had to be temporarily displaced. And when we finally brought it close enough to be lifted, it had to be lifted. A platform was improvised, and we tried to lift it, but apparently the strength of fervor alone was insufficient. More help (namely Bevan and Oliver) was summoned, and we made a fresh attempt. We succeeded.

It was all downhill from there. Matthew demonstrated his skill with a broom on carpet, honed during his early years in Japan. Scattered items were collected or cleared, furniture rearranged. The result? The closet was less of a closet, less narrow and crowded. Much more spacious. Also, the fact that the room was a Dump before, and wasn’t after. And now, I salute my comrades in the struggle.

The optimism I’m feeling about the weekend feels like a chemical surge. This is not usual. And the characters in this comic were instantly familiar.

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  1. 25 January 2008 at 11:36 pm

    you don’t like me ah? ):

  2. Cuthbert
    26 January 2008 at 4:52 am

    Ooops did I forget.

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