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I Am The Metronome

I left camp early yesterday feeling slightly unwell. I slept most of yesterday away. Yesterday’s naps and last night’s sleep add up to something like 15 hours. But the sleep and the water seem to have averted the threat of any long-drawn-out sickness.

Camp was rather chaotic, what with numerous shifts in venue having been made necessary. We also had fewer ‘excursions’ than at previous camps… I think it was quite fruitful, practice-wise. It’ll be one of the better early-in-the-year concerts.

On Saturday night I missed the ACJC alumni concert for ‘Wish Upon A Star’. Despite the technical errors and mishaps (guitar strap!) during our band’s performance, I think we pulled it off,  except ‘Glasgow’ went badly. Strange it is how during rehearsals we were anticipating ‘I Am The Walrus’ to fall apart on stage (it actually went well) and how we were least worried about ‘Glasgow Kiss’. I plan to surgically implant a metronome in Paul.

I am slightly sad that ‘Smolder’ won’t be playing together in the near future. Inevitable but slightly sad. (About the name, it was thought up backstage the day before.)

So now that ‘Wish Upon A Star’ is over, and now that I’m back from camp, it’s back to reality.

I will be happy enough with my work-state this holiday if I can clear EE and World Lit. essays.

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