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Tranquility, Optimism.

Though I’ve been meaning to post, now that I’m doing it, Holy Week’s just about over.

I went for an Easter sunrise service today. Woke up early and all. (I am resisting the urge to slur my written ‘speech’ i.e. “early an’ all”.) It was worth it. Somehow a thought that kept coming to me this morning was that whatever road/battle we’re walking/fighting (pick your preferred metaphor), the outcome was never in doubt. But the [verb]ing still has to be done. And watching the sun rise for real was beautiful, in addition to symbolic. I don’t mean ‘symbolic’ dismissively either.

After breakfast I got myself to a table next to the astroturf and started on math portfolio. I only mention this because I was struck by an ‘I Am Legend’ kind of feeling, looking out over the empty astro, empty driveway and empty cars, with no perceptible human movement from where I was at for maybe half an hour. It was still pretty empty after that, but there was more movement. Everything was surprisingly quiet.

I am writing tiredly after a long (long) weekend. I know I shouldn’t really be spending the extra ten minutes or so typing, but I think it helps clear my mind a little before I sleep. Tomorrow will be a long (long) day, and while I’m slightly (only slightly) worried about collapsing, I guess I’m looking forward to tomorrow too. Really.

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  1. mich
    24 March 2008 at 10:42 pm

    Hey, hope the concert went well.
    Yeah watching the sunrise was pretty amazing/awe-inspiring. Really reminded me of God’s majesty, and faithfulness…
    I guess you managed to finish math? Jia you with the rest!

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