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2 April

1 April has come and gone. If I haven’t already told you this: thanks much for the wishes and gifts!

(John, if you read this, I’m not getting your horn for you any quicker! You should know why.)

I remember being asked for a speech on Tuesday morning, which I was unable to deliver. I still don’t have very much to say about turning 18 or about being 17 at the moment, other than ‘Thank God!’, for His grace, and the many many people whom I should thank but may not have, and for whom I thank Him for. Also, I think I should add that I’m pretty happy with how things have turned out between 1 April 2007 and 1 April 2008.

The following is an incidental matter worth the mention rather than a conscious comment on growing older, though I think that element is present and which I may possibly want to comment on in future. Kenneth showed me a quiz that measures how ‘Machiavellian’ the participant is. When I got the result I commented that my score would probably have been almost 20% lower two years ago. That comment was quite reflexive. I wonder what that means, other than the obvious potential meaning.

Final random comment: Ctrl+Alt+Del is starting on a choose-your-own-adventure type thing. The cover page (here) has the title ‘Ethan MacManus: Space Archaeologist’ but the series is title ‘Idiots In Space’. Should be interesting.

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