It is Friday night and I am taking a deep breath.


Starting from last Friday, my mind has been on my EE almost exclusively, and I’d been rushing towards 4000 words by Thursday. The only time I’ve taken my mind off of it was for a bit of word lit. 1 on sunday, ToK yesterday night (even then I fell asleep), and about 30 minutes worth of compo on Wednesday. I can’t wait to get back to that. Even Chem and Math tests this week were a blur. I studied for Chem in the car in the morning, and I remembered about Math while walking up from the SAC after being reminded by Chaya. It was a minute or so to the test. My sleep cycle has been only slightly messed up, but I’ve fallen asleep without intending to once or twice.

But mainly, I guess having any single assignment on the mind for too long suffocates. I felt like the quality of my output was falling towards the end, and I suspect that when I re-read it I’ll find out the extent of it. The way I felt like I shouldn’t be doing anything else first was also slightly strange. I think I managed to think my EE into my subconscious, or perhaps I was so tired that I never questioned the urgency of it. It was kind of urgent, but not as urgent as it felt like. I only realized how much I was feeling the weight of it some time today, when I thought, ‘It’s Friday and… Oh, it’s Friday.’ But on the bright side, most of my ideas have materialized, though I think I’ll be changing quite a lot of my essay before Monday. But right now, it’s still Friday. And I look forward to sleeping early.

It is a little sad that thinking back over the past 10 days or so I don’t remember anything clearly. The only clear impression I got was of the music I’ve been listening to. Today it was the Futureheads. (It’s like caffeine, or maybe sugar; I’m much more disposed to the former.) Thursday night it was the Stills. I’ve lost myself in both bands before, several times over the past few years. In a few years, or months, I’ll probably remember the music I’ll be mentioning after this in much the same way: I’ve been listening to Brahms’ ‘Ein deutsches Requiem’ quite a bit. Those I got from Daryl. I’ve also been listening to quite a few waltzes (a Ravel one particularly, also from Daryl), movie music (Spirited Away, Tiersen; the piano-ish kind), and generally quite a lot of instrumental music. Two exceptions of note: Belle & Sebastian (If You’re Feeling Sinister, Dear Catastrophe Waitress, The Life Pursuit) and especially Wilco (Sky Blue Sky, Summerteeth). I’ve been listening to those two bands a lot, especially before Thursday.

To anyone else feeling the strain (that would be a lot of people): Take a deep breath. Friday’s a good day, and you’re through with the week. Ain’t that great?

Categories: Exclamations, Music, Reflection
  1. 'neth
    27 April 2008 at 6:39 pm

    the weekends are great. agreed. i spent the last few days just chillaxing. it feels good. haha.

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