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The holidays have started in earnest. If that statement grates, I can at least objectively say that we are five days into it with twenty-five more to go. But who’s counting?

There may be good reasons, as well as not-so-good-but-nevertheless-incontestable reasons, for having to go for Focus Camp for every single subject despite not having performed exceptionally poorly for anything, but it has nevertheless been an Annoyance, especially when schedules clash. I am urged to ‘prioritize’, but when my commitments are incontrovertibly defined by controvertible labels (‘Academic matters come first,’) rather than defined by actual priorities, would impatience be impertinent, or even ungrateful? While I really do believe that academic matters must come first, I wonder if they must come at the most inconvenient of times, and if they could not have come somewhat earlier. Or am I to accept the necessity of committing to compulsory sessions for five of five subjects? Perhaps I am.

If my remarks strike you as impolitic, I can only request that you read more carefully.

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  1. fab
    29 May 2008 at 9:49 pm


  2. Cuthbert
    30 May 2008 at 8:07 pm

    Is there soccer on the horizon? It’ll have to be on the near horizon…

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