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Last Camp!

And tomorrow morning I’ll be checking into my last ever band camp. I’ve never actually counted before, but tomorrow will be my 17th camp. After this camp, I’ll have stayed about 53 nights in school for band camp alone. That’s fifty-three nights of sleeping bags on floors/chairs/tables (clearly progressive), playing hearts/bridge/gamecube/stepmania/LAN (there’s a vague progression here too), and vitasoy/milo with supper (a constant). And I haven’t had a camp where time felt shorter. This is an unfamiliar feeling. The other thing I’m feeling is more familiar. I’m hoping it’ll be a great camp for a great performance/competition/tour. But this time I wonder if desperation is urgent-feeling hope, which is what I’m feeling now.

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  1. fab
    8 June 2008 at 4:46 am

    Eh apparently Patrick reads webcomics so I introduced him to CAD that day. And the recent strips haven’t been like funny; it’s like it suddenly turned into some tragic drama which is how… =/

    Have fun at band camp.

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