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Ready For It

It is five long, long days of practicing, packing, planning and panicking. I slept from 5:30 to 8:30 yesterday, meaning I’ve been up sixteen hours on three hours of sleep. Maybe that’s why I am only registering one memorable event at camp. But the scene was hilarious. It was the second day, the rain was coming in veritable torrents, and the classrooms we were sleeping in were flooding. Our dorms were on the fourth and fifth floors in the old building. I rounded the corner on level three and the classroom block came into view. People were bailing water over the corridor railings like the ship was sinking. It was terrible, and terribly funny. From the weather over my house, I think the school may have been flooding again tonight.

I’m finally packed and ready to be off, and as for the performances, ready or not, we’re off in a few hours. It’ll be eight more days away from home and I hope they’ll be worth it. Thanks for the love and well-wishes. Goodnight.

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