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The Air I’ve Breathed In

The first half or so of the Japan tour was spent in Fukui, while the latter portion was spent in Osaka. Fukui is definitely countryside, while Osaka is strictly city. (In Fukui, we slept in futon (futons?) on tatami floor, while in Osaka we had regular hotel rooms.) As for myself, I’ve lived in the city of Singapore all my life. But strangely enough, I didn’t feel like I had to ‘adjust’ to life in Fukui at all. The main, and obvious, reason for this is that Fukui is in no way backward, the resort was comfortable, and our hosts went out of their way to make it comfortable. The food was good (the fresh vegetables are awesome), there was onsen (hot spring), and futons are definitely one of the most comfortable ways to sleep. On the other hand, on reaching Osaka, things felt fundamentally different. I could literally smell it in the air and taste it in the water. Did I mention that the air and water in Fukui are (no other word for it) pristine? (It’s also probably one reason the vegetables taste so good.) Certain things about the city were familiar, like streetlights and shopping streets and cafes and restaurants (I was struck by how much our hotel was like a hotel, right down to the breakfast coupons), but after Fukui, being in Osaka felt a little like being out of tune.

Arriving in Singapore still felt like coming home, though. Even though it was something like 1 in the morning after we were done wrapping things up at school, I opted for supper at the old train station with my dad and Ismail rather than home and sleep. I had mee goreng and teh halia.

But, ah, for some Fukui air!

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  1. Ronald
    23 June 2008 at 2:16 pm

    It’s like drugs. Healthy ones.

  2. Cuthbert
    24 June 2008 at 8:39 pm

    Like breathable SK II?

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