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Vertigo? Stereo? Indigo? Antidote? Tootsie Rolls?

I spent a lot of time walking around Holland V and Vivo today. I even took a slow walk home from Vivo. I estimate the total time spent walking would be about an hour-and-a-half. At Holland I was looking for lunch. At Vivo in the afternoon I managed to get wet gradually from the rain the wind was blowing in. Covered walkways are useless with wind like that. Not that I didn’t enjoy the wind. Later on, still at Vivo, I managed to catch my favorite shade of blue sky at about 19:10. There was also a really cool ship right next to the restaurants along the waterfront. It had masts and netting and stuff like the old-fashioned kinds of ships you see in movies. The lights and the color of the sky made it look really good. I saw someone setting up his tripod to get a photo.

The day wasn’t totally idle. In between the walks I was working on Music IAs. (‘Working on Music IAs’ sounds more IB-official than ‘writing songs’ or ‘composing’.) I was working/studying with Jono at Holland in the afternoon. Later we went back to school for a bit for miscellaneous band-related stuff.

For the past few hours I’ve had a riot of vowel sounds in my head fighting to fit themselves to the tune. The mental process is something like: think of the vowels; think of words; attempt to match the number of syllables; see if the words might make some sense. Quite often there’s: laugh at the amusing possibility after attempting to put the words in some kind of context. So many possibilities have run through my brain in the past few hours. It’s tiring. I suppose this is the penalty for writing all the music first without a programme.

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