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The Weekend (4-7 July)

My last paper was on Thursday, an eternity ago.

I spent Friday morning working on Music IAs armed with laptop, iPod and manuscript paper. I reached school around lunchtime to hand in my work. I met a post-Physics Matthew at the music center and we decided to go for sectionals. After sectionals: iPod-facilitated Earth Wind & Fire over the LT speakers. The year 5s ascribed the dancing and falsetto-ing to post-exam euphoria, but I think it was less out-of-character than they supposed. It was fun.

Saturday band. After that, lunch. Then off to the Esplanade with Matt and Jono to get tickets for ‘Turandot’ by the Singapore Lyric Opera. The area was unexpectedly congested. We realized it was because of the NDP preview from all the red shirts and primary school groups. We walked around Marina and Citylink for a bit, and Matthew trampled a child. (Highlight of the day.) But anyway after that we bought the tickets and left.

I had lunch with the YG after church, then I headed to City Hall (again) to buy stuff and start on intonation before heading to SCH for the ACJC concert at 5. Dinner at Lau Pa Sat after concert, then John, Jono and I met quite a lot of juniors at IRC for LAN.

I rose late yesterday, and by the time I was properly awake, I found myself having lunch with my mom and sister at Central (at Clarke Quay). Lunch was soon over. Fortunately, I had packed my bag with work to occupy myself the night before, otherwise I would have had a painfully idle afternoon. I spent two hours after lunch imposing harmonic order on unruly jazz chords. Figuring out intonation is always mentally exhausting, and after I had finished, the last thing I wanted to do was work on the essays in my bag, so I finished the last of my coffee and took a walk.

I followed the river all the way from Clark Quay to the (Theatres on the) Bay, walking under three bridges and crossing one. I walked past the pubs and restaurants along the river (just a few people having beers at that hour), past the Botero sculpture in fron tof the office tower, past the Fullerton, and through Esplanade park before I reached the Esplanade proper. From there it was straight through Citylink and to City Hall Station (for the third time in three days, strangely enough), then a long train ride to Changi Airport to see the ACJC band off to Europe.

I got home past 11 on Monday night feeling rather grateful for all that activity.

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  1. ge
    12 July 2008 at 5:40 pm

    trampling! oh my. and the face of the parent.

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