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National Day

I remember feeling quite cynical about the whole NDP show this time last year. I’m not exactly sure why. This year was slightly different. Maybe watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics aroused latent nationalistic feelings, so I was primed for today’s parade. In any case, I did feel a lot more positive about National Day and NDP and all that National stuff this year than last year. And I still can’t think of any solid reason for it.

I did genuinely feel proud watching Team Singapore march out at the opening ceremony. And about the ceremony, although my mind was probably thinking about the resource cost and other dismal realities, the rest of me was quite positively awed by the spectacle. Usually, the word ‘spectacle’ actually has somewhat negative associations in my mind, but in this case I’m thinking more along the lines of ‘spectacular’.

(Random: I am using too many qualifying words.)

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