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I had a sudden and surprisingly intense craving for peanuts on my walk home today. The craving cost me all of 60 cents to gratify, and I was left feeling extravagantly happy at the end of it. That disproportion was a funny little bonus. In the wake of IOC, quite a few things have felt like bonuses.

IOC went well. The result of the draw was no small factor: I had practiced ‘Mending Wall’ that morning. (If you were one of the two people I asked for a random number from one to twenty-something, then you had a hand in it.) This was something I’ve been very grateful for.

This week, I’ve been busy doing recordings of my compos and doing English homework. In between, I’ve been listening to quite a lot of music. Two stand-out songs: Lissy Trullie’s ‘Self-Taught Learner’, and ‘This Here Giraffe’ by the Flaming Lips. I’ve also been listening to quite a lot of Fela Kuti (review, Wiki). I may have mentioned him if we’ve happened to discuss Soyinka’s poems.

Finally, a shout-out to the IOC-ringers (Kenneth, Daryl, Malcolm, Chaya, and anyone else I might have forgotten) who’ve helped me practice, engaged in valuable discussion and contributed notes.

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