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Through An Open Window

The view from my window is something I’ve become more and more grateful for as I’ve grown older. I stay in the upper half of a point block (i.e. about four units per level, rather than units along a long corridor), and, even better, there aren’t a lot of other high-rises around me. The result? Unobstructed altitude. Hence, the view; but it has another consequence.

It’s when I’m up in the wee hours and when the windows are open that I start to hear the sounds from far out and far below. Sometimes, it’s screeching brakes from the car park, or a motorcycle at (what sounds like) full throttle speeding over that exposed stretch of bridge: 

 (Sorry for the phone camera-quality. Viewing it slightly under full size may help.)

That bit of road under the bridge is actually part of the central expressway. Engine sounds really carry through the night air, especially since there’s no obstruction. (The photo was shot from the window, so you can see for yourself.) You’d be surprised at the number of people awake enough to speed at 3 a.m. Although I suppose the near-empty roads might be a draw in themselves. 

The train track actually runs parallel to the stretch of expressway in the picture, but it’s not lit up. Sometimes I get to hear a train come in (or go out; I’m not sure which). By the way, it’s not an MRT train, although that’s probably the only kind of train most of us would be familiar with; that’s the train that goes to Johor and beyond. 

There’s also the port sounds. The big squarish buildings in the background are warehouses, and behind them you can see the cranes and the lights from the port. Ships have the excuse of loading/unloading schedules for being active at unusual hours. When I’m lucky, I get to hear when a ship leaves (or arrives; again I can’t be sure). I love the huge, resonant note of a ship’s air horn. It really fills up the space without being loud or intrusive. 

Then there’s the sounds I only hear on occasion around Christmas and New Year’s Day. There’s the fireworks in the direction of Vivo/Sentosa on New Year’s. There’s also the sound of bells from the church. (It’s that white shape almost at the center of the photo. You can vaguely make out the spires.) I wonder what all that will be like this year. 

It’s raining really heavily now and the sky is solid orange. I think the color comes from all the massive lights at the port. And about the picture, I’ll get a better photograph when I can.

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  1. 9 September 2008 at 8:08 pm

    i love the sound of trains!

    on another note, do you have to redo your MI gaaah

  2. Cuthbert
    9 September 2008 at 9:10 pm

    Nice on another note!

    Yes, I do. I have to cut quite a lot I think. Doesn’t help that my OFFICE HAS DIED ON ME.

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