Prelims were over and done with on Friday. I hadn’t exactly taxed myself over the last stretch and the last few papers (I suppose that will show in the results), so it’s not as though I’d been buckling under the strain or anything like that. The feeling’s more like, ‘What next?’ (Although I’ve also been told that ‘no one’s really happy’ now that prelims are over.) Results are pending, there’s work to be done and there are plans to be made. I’m sure this list will help 

I’ve been using my black notebook for about two months now. I actually know the exact date (15 July) I started with this one, because I tried to use headers and dates and stuff at first. The first two pages are testament to my good intentions: I left them blank in case I wanted to do an index. But now, after two months, my notebook is starting to resemble my old blue one. I suppose a return to my old notebook-using habits means I’ve been using it for work, so that’s not entirely bad. But then again, maybe the mess isn’t so bad. 

I managed to squeeze two runs in between time spent sleeping and reading over the past few days. I suppose I should start intensifying my Diploma-directed efforts.

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