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The Clutch

My ‘inner phlegmatic’ has seen me through to this point in the year, and it deserves acknowledgment. It is the part of me that feels injustice less, and is less easily affected by frustration or any kind of stress, because it is the part of me that is conservative with its energies. It is the part of me that appraises and evaluates quite pitilessly, and that is capable of seeing ‘giving 100%’ as both a laudable ideal and an indulgence. Quite probably, the other part of me would have handled the endless demands on the limited available energy with less success; there were many times when atelophobia or angst could not have been afforded. At those times, I think it was that other part of myself that managed matters of survival.  

But as pressures have gradually become less immediate, that part of me tends towards dangerous inaction. The circumstances have changed, but the readjustment is proving difficult.

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  1. fab
    5 October 2008 at 2:03 am

    Phlegmatics ftw, but let’s go for gold, dude.

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