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I had an amazing day in school today. I haven’t felt so happy and grateful and light in a long time. I doubt there are many better ways to start the school day than what I had today, which was working on chem (I said ‘school day’) while having coffee in the SAC while Chaya and Deb drew stuff for the class board thingy. After that we joined Chong Wee and Jia and Jaime in the art room. In between stretches of serious chemistry study, there were diversions like sushi, a Japanese tradition. That was followed by a long recess. 

Econs was over really quickly, what with there being a DRQ practice. (I should also mention that Madam baked muffins for us yesterday and we felt so loved. And I should clarify that I mention it not in mitigation for how we might have actually had to do work, because the work was necessary and valuable.)

After that I had chem, and Sir surprised us all during the so-called lab session. I shall not go into specifics. But I’ve got a picture:


My awesome chem class.

My awesome chem class, missing Rekha and Khairul.

Finally there was PC. (How often have I questioned its value? And now I’ve had my last one.) Mr. C opened us with a word of prayer, possibly for the last time as a class, and we remembered the classmates who couldn’t be in school. At the class party there was much more food (it seems the thing I did the most today was eat), but the highlight was definitely Jeremy’s video for us. There were pictures and lots of good-memory-inducing WoW footage. Mr. Yap also presented us with a really meaningful gift. And today was on top of yesterday, when Ms. Thiru treated us all to ice cream and lunch. 

I distinctly remember thinking that I felt very fortunate, ‘fortunate’ being the exact word I used in my head. I think I also said it aloud at some point.

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