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Open Window, Open Door.

I wish I’d been sleeping like a stone for the past 2 hours I’ve been lying awake. It’s past 2 a.m. and I’m wi-ide awake. (It’s definitely not caffeine-induced. I only had one coffee today at breakfast.) While lying awake, I realized how strange it is to have light from outside shining into my window from below in the middle of the night. City lights. I can see the shadows on my ceiling. The window’s open. 

The door’s open as well. There’s a really strong air current through my room sometimes when both the window and the door are open. The door opens out into the hallway, which is usually open to the balcony because the balcony doors are left open, and I suppose the wind must be blowing into the balcony, because the air current comes in through the door and out the window. Both of my curtains were flapping outside my window. The noise is actually quite loud. It is quite frightening when you’re lying in bed in the dark and the wind picks up and the flapping gets a lot noisier and the shadows on the ceiling change. I pulled the curtains back in, but one of them just got sucked out again. 

I was reading Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha earlier tonight and I was just at the part where Paddy stays awake through the night and falls asleep in school. The situation that I’m in right seems like a distorted parallel.

I’m hungry.

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