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A Grip

It’s been quite a struggle to put anything together over the past few weeks, and I foresee it’ll be the same over the next few days, but time is running out! A year is seeming like an awfully long time to deal with, but I will not be writing anything extended even if I actually do manage something. 

All too often in the past two weeks (like now), I’ve been feeling like a mouth and a stomach, and occasionally an asshole, from all that less-than-sensible food and lack of real exercise, and failures to come up with appropriate things to say in, well, knotty situations. 

I recovered my amp today but I fear my (fortunately un-named) bass is gone forever. =( My index and middle fingers were working long and hard at Zhang’s place today though, but on his new 5-string instead. My supply of high A’s (like: WHOA-OA-OA-OA!) for the month was also exhausted. 

I suppose the time of leisurely but oh-so-constructive application I vaguely hoped December would be was never going to fully materialize. I am not angrily dissatisfied, but I may be unhappy, sometimes angrily so.

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  1. fab
    31 December 2008 at 10:26 pm

    Shucks you’re right. I can hit some of the higher notes if I sing louder. I tried (half-successfully) singing Human in the original key of Bb, but then it’s really straining already.

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