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About the previous post, I was actually writing some of it somewhere around River Valley, and then I realized it was almost 11 and I hadn’t typed it yet, so I made a mad dash to a shop with the necessary computing machines to type up what I’d written and try and finish what Hadn’t been written before midnight. 

I’d have liked to have thanked people, but I can’t do much better than a general thank you, so: Thanks very much for being in my life somehow! I really should write letters. 

And then on my walk back from where I’d frantically managed to post up, I suddenly realized it was 2009. It was very sudden. Naturally, I nearly tripped, but no one saw, I think. The whole posting thing reminded me of deadlines and IAs, but amazingly when I was done the year had changed without me realizing it very much, even though all my efforts were channelled into beating the clock, so I knew it was coming, sorta. It was very strange. 

But it’s 2009, so: Happy new year everyone!

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  1. 'neth
    1 January 2009 at 3:31 am

    yes, it is 2009. happy new year my friend. my comrade, may we have a chance to battle again! haha

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