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Fourteen days have passed, quickly or and otherwise. We rush to rush, mostly, and I suppose I count myself fortunate for the fact that rushing to wait hasn’t happened often, because I think that would grate more.

BMT is, as they say, progressive, but I resolve not to let anticipation poison my weekends. Fourteen days have passed, it seems, very quickly.

On one level, I know a lot of things have happened, like meeting very many people and learning how to handle a weapon, but now it’s the weekend and the last thing I want to do is process it all. The past two weeks may fail to register in the way that most things seem to do for me. My military life may pass by like this, which, I gather, is perfectly regular and normal, but it is unsettling to consider the way in which I may observe myself going through the next twenty months. Or maybe I will, as they say, be well-adjusted to military life and feel less carried along by the relentless current.

But I suppose I have at least one thing to say about being a green recruit: many things feel like cold showers. Cold showers may be nothing (excuse this hot water-lover used to comfort), but I remember the first one. I thought to myself, ‘The water is cold.’ There was even apprehension before I started showering proper, but the whole thing was over pretty quickly. This whole process, from the anticipation of discomfort to the time the thing is over, is repeated in over and over again in different forms in training until the apprehension becomes familiar and is ignored, so we just knock it down, or whatever else, when told.

But for now, I’m at the end of one lap, and there is ample reason for thanksgiving. This Zulu warrior is home now, and he’s had a hot shower, slept twelve hours and enjoyed his breakfast.

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  1. anne
    29 January 2009 at 2:48 pm

    So i guess BMT was fun for you?? :D

  1. 12 September 2009 at 2:52 am

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