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What can I say? In spite of the times I’ve complained about some thing or other in bloody Zulu, I did pass out (ironically, graduate sounds less appropriate) a Zulu warrior, and I’ll probably miss quite a few of those who were around to share the experience.

I will also probably remember many of those who made the experience what it was, and not in a bad way either, because, I suppose, some of it was actually good for us, and we know the rest of it was intended to be. Also, you were teachers and we did learn important lessons.

I have been fortunate to be part of a fantastically well-provisioned section. I’m sure we had the best food the most consistently, although there were no prizes for that. I’ll miss our clandestine post-lights-out suppers, along with the hushed conversations and stifled laughs.

Some of my section mates are also masters of mimicry, and I’ll miss them for the countless times they made all of us laugh hard enough to feel better after we were done.

Another thing I’m still impressed by is how, over nine weeks, I found out just how talented the people in my section and platoon were. It’s not exactly something you look out for from the beginning, when everyone’s newly shaved and when everyone looks pretty much the same to your eyes. But we sure did do some awesome designs and put up some great performances.

To my buddy, I’ll probably not remember the very many things we said while we were attempting to pass the time during guard duties and the like, but I will actually remember those times… fondly, believe it or not.

Finally, to my (best) platoon: I will not remember all the instances, but I will remember that some of you were unselfish and willing to do things so that others wouldn’t have to, even when we could all have left whatever it was undone, and, having met you, I have encouragement to continue doing the same.


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    16 March 2009 at 8:29 pm


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