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It’s A Time Thing

Written on the night of 1 April, in bunk: 

Once again, that time of year has crept up on me. I imagine that a victim of a practical joke might feel the way I’m feeling now, although this is partly because of the manner in which I was I was reminded of the significance of the day: it was Mr. Yeang’s message that reminded me, but then I also remembered that I’d forgotten his. The first reminder left me feeling quite cheated. The second one made me feel quite terrible. Even worse, I have the vague feeling that the exact same thing has happened to me before. But then again, if I had remembered his, I wouldn’t have forgotten my own. 

From where I stand, it always looks as though pretty much everyone is constantly aware of where they stand chronologically, but for reasons I don’t understand, I feel like I actually have to consciously stop myself and get a fix on the calendar date from time to time. It is an odd feeling, when you feel like you’re odd. 

2215 (lights-out) is fast approaching. April 1 is nearly over and, well, I have IPPT to look forward to tomorrow. I feel as though I could almost believe that the weekend will be here soon, but anticipation is such an annoyingly ambiguous feeling. I think army life has worsened my time resolution by a factor of seven, because of the whole weekend thing. It could be the anticipation throwing me off, or my conscious blocking of it, which I accomplish by trying not to think about time. 

But now I’ve run out of time. 

The weekend before was a short one, and this weekend I kind of forgot about this until today, so this was posted late.

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