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Home Quarantine

The Panadol (well, Zerin, actually) is keeping the temperature down. I discovered ‘antipyretic’ while reading the label. The meaning of the word was clear, but it was funny because, just the Saturday before, we (Juliet company, SISpec) were happily cheering, ‘The Juliet on FIRE!’ on games day. (Don’t ask me about the ‘the’.) Yesterday, there were six of us burning up before we were sent home. I’ll be home, and nowhere else, until Saturday.

I suppose there’s no point bemoaning my ‘good’ luck, even if I don’t think coming within a day of status to having to redo my course is a good thing. In any case, the enjoyment of home comforts is all but driving away my niggling worries about OOC-ing. I am very relieved that I don’t have to go through the very painful experience of taking a cold shower while feverish again.

While at home today, I was catching up on stuff I’ve not had the time to do recently. Like posting here. But my throat is telling me I should go sleep and leave the rest until tomorrow.

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