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I Am So Ready For This

The time for lists, checklists, scribbled lists, double-checking and frantipacking is at an end; I seriously hope I haven’t left anything out, but otherwise it’s the right time to stop worrying over it all. I’m done, and I leave tonight on Eva Air.

BR1226 ETD 0140, 02 August 2009
BR1225 ETA 0040, 23 August 2009

I’m all set, prepped and psyched. (Only natural, since I’ve been psycho-ing Derek.)  As far as this can ever be true, I know what’s coming, and I just want to Finish Well.

Finish Well

(Causing the ‘fin.’ was entirely deliberate, and I hope you appreciate the irony of the situation!)

I think I’ll actually enjoy the trip and the missions, if not the administrative hassles. I think it’s part of being psyched. But on my immediate horizon, there is the matter of getting there. For that, I have more Lindt dark chocolate, jelly beans, and Wilco’s Kicking Television, which I found while recce-ing ION Orchard. I wasn’t looking to buy anything on my exploratory jaunt, but when I chanced upon the disc, I felt like it was a good enough find for me to buy it, and so I did. I’m looking to savor all two discs’ worth on the flight with my eyes closed. Live recordings are great for that kind of situation. I think it’s evident: I’m all prepped.

I’ll be back in slightly over three weeks. Until then, wish me the best.

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  1. fab
    9 August 2009 at 11:20 pm

    Holy mama typhoons in Taiwan hope everything is fine!

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