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In Transit

I left the house about 33 minutes ago in a bit of a flurry. It was only when I was in the cab here that I realized that I won’t be seeing my house again until the 23rd. ‘Here’ is Adam Road Food Center, where I’m having dinner with my YG, and after Bible study tonight, I’ll be going straight to the airport.

I’m about 20 minutes early for dinner, and as I sit here, I’m starting to feel like I’m already in transit. In my mind’s eye I see the swirling current of travel logistics, the work of preparation and hard training in front of me, ready to suck me in before it releases me again three weeks later. My instinct is to take a deep breath, but I’m not sure I can hold my breath that long.

Perhaps what I’m feeling is pressure. I am having a headache, and I am attempting to relieve the pressure on my brain with a double serving of kopi-o. Not quite as poisonous as a double espresso, I think.

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