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When A Message Can’t Go Out

Having dutifully surrendered my handphone, and having been denied access to a calling card-enabled telephone for the time being, I am, at present, unable to call anyone. I have calls I wish I could make, and it is ironic that in the present situation, when I actually have the leisure to contemplate long conversations, I simply can’t get a call out.

The special situation I have been alluding to is this: the continuum of activity and exertion that is Starlight has been interrupted by a meteorological phenomenon known as a typhoon. [Note 070909: I didn’t hear the word ‘Morakot’ until I got back.]

We’ve had to barricade ourselves in. The batteries for the lanterns have been charged, and the jerrycans are filled. The doors are locked and the windows are sealed. Unfortunately, the payphone is in the next building.

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