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I suppose that if I’ve spent enough time in stairwells that they have associations for me, then I’ve probably stepped into the weird zone, although if you consider how much of my life has been spent in camp or in school, it may only be natural. Where else is one as effectively hidden from view? Perhaps the toilet, but one usually doesn’t want to linger there. On the other hand, stairs are natural chairs. Also, if you want even more quiet, just move further up. There are sure to be fewer people. Stairwells are public spaces that people only pass through, and I’ve found them to be useful when I had to be around school or camp but I didn’t have to be at somewhere at a particular moment. Stairwells are echo-ey, though, so they’re not good places for private conversations, and they’re only private if you’re going to be quiet.


[Note 070909: I think this is quite surely a ‘weird zone’ post. Perhaps being packed with so many people in a confined space for so long activated my instincts for fading away and disappearing into myself.]

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