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Parade, And Posting

I graduated from the 51st ASLC on the Thursday, 27 August 2009. For the record.

The parade was today, in the afternoon. It rained before it, but not during it. It’s been non-stop since we booked in on Monday, what with the unpacking, packing, parade rehearsals and end of course administration. The previous sentence sounds totally regular and mundane, and I somehow feel like it shouldn’t be. Then again, it still feels totally unreal wearing a black-colored rank instead of the white one I’ve had for the past five months.

Finally, thank God for an answered prayer. I won’t be returning home half dead every weekend. In a few hours, I’ll be reporting at the ferry terminal. For the next year or so (I don’t quite feel like starting the ORD timer yet), I’ll be training recruits. (I was smiling , but I wasn’t smirking!) It’s a relief, I suppose, although I almost wish I could join some of my comrades in their new units…

And once again, time is short. I was up late packing and cleaning up after that rather messy operation, and I’ll still be up way before sunrise. I am aching for a weekend that includes more than a full day and night.

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  1. 28 August 2009 at 8:30 pm

    ehhh 3sg derek!! congrats

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