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The Strain of Decisions

Since I received my posting five days ago, I assumed that the next two thirds of my army life would see me being an instructor to recruits. (I should mention that the term ‘instructor’ has been roundly denounced in the course I am in the middle of, but I use the term in a general way.) In some ways, I had already been envisioning such a role for myself since my recruit days, although I’ve consciously told myself at each stage that nothing was certain, even as I saw myself first being posted to Specialist school, the infantry course, and, finally, to the eastern island.

When I reported, and when I was told about an available administrative job in the HQ, I quickly grasped that it was something I’d be very good at, because I knew I had done much of the work before as a QM and project manager, and picked up the skills in the process. That realization threw open another door for me that was more appealing than I would have anticipated, because of other factors like having a wider view of the system. I was also thrown into a trap of analysis and self-dissection, especially in the wake of answers I had had to provide before feeling as though I had had enough time to consider. Deliberating possible courses of action at the same time I was dissecting myself, all under time pressure, was stressful.

When things get confusing, having a ready and available check can be immensely helpful, and I thank God for friendship. I made a call, and God provided the answer through my friend. My answer is locked in, and I’ll see the result soon, but what I am most thankful for is that, right now, I am at peace.

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