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Playing Catch-Up

All my weekends since Taiwan have all been either too short or fully occupied, so I am trying to cope with a significant backlog. I’m actually on a computer in the spec mess (I resolved to work on the backlog while I’m still actually in a camp with a computer I have access to) so there’s a time pressure too. What I have managed to do was to transcribe my Taiwan notes. They’re all backdated.

Update, 8 September 2009: Added nos. 5 and 6. More backdated posts, but not from Taiwan.
Update, 11 September 2009: Added the picture to No. 4, Stairwells. In other news, I am officially going back to Zululand!
Update, 21 September 2009: Added no. 7, Wrapping Up. As the title suggests, that’s my last post with Taiwan content.
Update, 21 September 2009: This post has been changed to an index of Taiwan-related posts only. They are numbered 1 through 5.

Index of Backdated Posts

  1. In Transit, 1 August
  2. When A Message Can’t Go Out, 7 August
  3. Remembering My Country, 9 August
  4. Stairwells, 9 August
  5. Wrapping Up, 11 September
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  1. 8 September 2009 at 6:42 pm

    yay bmtc! hahaha how does it feel to be on the other end of welfare for a change

    • 8 September 2009 at 7:12 pm

      The other end of welfare? You’ve been a 3SG for longer! I haven’t yet experienced what the other side is, really.

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