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Stringing It On

I re-trace my steps for the record:

  1. BMT, Zulu Coy, Pl. 1/Sect. 2/Bed 3. January.
  2. BSLC, Kilo Coy, Pl. 2/Sect. 2/Bed 2. March.
  3. ASLC, Juliet Coy, Pl. 3/Sec. 4/Bed 5. May.
  4. BMTC. August.
  5. BMTC, Zulu Coy. September.
  6. BMTC, Zulu Coy, Pl. 1/Sec.2. September.

As I said once before, the circle is closed. Having shown that I am at a point along a string of odd coincidences, I felt like I might as well point out more. In addition to ending up where I started from, I have also consistently been in the last company it was possible to be in for each of my courses, and I have also enjoyed easy-to-remember platoon/section/bed numbers.

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