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Drawing Lines, Checking Bearings

I abhor success culture, where people are hostages to potential failure. At the same time, I detest stubborn mediocrity and apathy. These are general statements, easy enough to make; it’s harder to be specific to me. I do not want to be chasing after things that I judge are not vital; at the same time, I want some things very much, and I know they are not strictly vital either. This gives rise to inaction, and over time even indifference. But there are costs to chasing, and although I’d sometimes like to be the kind of person that could easily say to myself, ‘Go for it,’ and then go for it, I’m not. Still, I realize that there is more to the story, and I suppose I should really aim to go for what I want, but I need to do it with more calculation, not less. There’s one thing I feel like I have been chasing hard, but I realize I’ve not been. If there’s anything I need to run harder for, it’s God.

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