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This Is What Love Is For

I’ve probably heard it a hundred times, but if you know me you probably also know I don’t listen to the lyrics very often. When I bother to look, though, I’m often pleasantly surprised, and this is one reason I love Wilco.

Impossible Germany,
Unlikely Japan.
Wherever you go,
Wherever you land.

I’ll say what this means to me:
I’ll do what I can.
Impossible Germany,
Unlikely Japan.

The fundamental problem
We all need to face –
This is important, but I know
You’re not listening.
Oh, I know: you’re not listening.

If this was still new to me,
I wouldn’t understand.
Impossible Germany,
Unlikely Japan.

But this is what love is for:
To be out of place,
Gorgeous and alone,
Face to face

With no larger problems
That need to be erased.
Nothing more important than to know
Someone’s listening.
Now I know you’ll be listening.

– ‘Impossible Germany’ by Wilco, from Sky Blue Sky
And this is on top of the really nice guitar work. My regular guitar fix, really.
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