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Partial Review


Lull is just about over. I will remember how it feels, although I’ll probably also rue the days I wasted.

Still, I did manage to engage in a few rewarding/enjoyable pursuits, to wit:

  1. Friday Night Lights Season 2, which I blitzed through faster than Season 1, and that’s saying something.
  2. The first eight books of Dr McNinja (link on the right, under comics). It is a treasure trove of awesomeness in a chainsaw-nunchaku kind of way.
  3. Cleaned out, purged and reorganized my entire wardrobe and assembled the six-compartment frame I bought to contain some of my items.
  4. Got addicted to Lisztomania in particular and Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix in general. Energy-raising and slightly goofy.
  5. Made it through the first chapter of Alan Moore’s Voice of the Fire, which was a very difficult read because the narrative voice wasn’t anti-grammatical as it was anti-syntactical. A number of words were substituted with different ones, and the meanings had to be deciphered, although this added to the engagement, I suppose.

It’s not a complete lists, but it’s still a very short one.

In immediate terms, I have a new batch of recruits to look forward to. In life terms, though, now comes the business of finding out if I’m going to figure out what I’m going to run for before I’m forced to start running. I really hope I can start well.

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