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End Of Shift

I am sitting at my desk in the company office on an extended tour of duty, but at least the extra hours will be almost my own. Company strength as of now is about 1/280.

It is always difficult to recall the significance of my work week when I reach its end, because of the sheer number of activities, operations and interactions involved. (My confused mind is deciding between seeing it as a planned schedule, an iterated process or an environmental system.) The days really are long and I am, in actual fact, on 24-hour duty, as I was reminded during my sleepless night at Changi General. But it did not pass in a blur, and for this I am grateful; I could recall a very many of the experiences and opportunities of the past week, but they are too many and too context-specific for me to want to recall them here.

If there is anything different this time around, though, it is the sense that I’ve had that I am better at my job. It is my third time around, and so I should be, or else there’d be something seriously wrong; for this I’m indebted to my first two batches. I am more confident, which has been good for my work, but it’s been good for me in general. I’ve also seen for myself how graciousness and integrity speak for themselves over time. I’ve seen disgusting, unworthy and contemptible behavior as well, but as the weekend rolls around I am reminded that I am not so far away from that myself, even if I have made the rather simple distinction between the professional and the personal, and then proceeded with the consequently simplified task of keeping my professional life in order.

And so, at the end of the week, I thank God for the bread He has provided each day, and ask that He forgives my inconstancy in asking for it. Soon I will be heading home for the weekend, and I am looking forward to worship this Sunday.

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