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Once again, the prospect I face is Rocky Hill Ring. I’ve been marinating in Wilco for the past three hours or so, beginning with the whole of Kicking Television and then moving on to country Wilco. I was feeling quite country today.

There’s something to be said for listening to really soft music in a near-silent room; you hear better, and your own noise level is readjusted. I’m not referring to a metaphorical, internal kind of ‘noise’, either; noise as we usually encounter it is so pervasive, we don’t even realize how much is there until we escape its influence for more than a few moments.

That being said, there are a number of odd noises to be heard when you can’t help but listen in the silence. There are echoes from the firing ranges bouncing off rather far-off walls, for example, and at one point it took me a while to realize that the C-drone that was making the song sound wrong was from a truck on the highway outside the gate.

The hours passed quickly today, though. In between songs, I’d be picking the lovegrass out from the trousers and boots of my uniform, or dosing myself with sugar in the form of Van Houten milk-chocolate-coated hazelnuts, almonds or raisins. As of now, I still have my prepared can of coffee in reserve.

The music has put me in a decidedly mellow mood, and all I can conjure now are a few details of sensation. I’m putting myself in a different place altogether than I was yesterday, when things seemed endless, and when I found it difficult to be sure what I was feeling.

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  1. p0litik
    3 June 2010 at 10:51 pm

    ‘I miss the innocence i knowed’

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