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Work In Progress

I’m at the end of two or three seemingly endless weeks at work. In fact, there are two more weeks to go until this batch graduates, but at least I won’t be in combat gear very much for a long stretch.

I explained to someone today that I’m not often unhappy at work, and that it becomes harder to be happy about it when I do talk about it. The main problem, I suppose, is that there are many practical and concrete reasons for why the work experience would be lousy, and even if I do find some satisfaction in it, I tend to qualify the positive things I say about work. The main reason I qualify is because I honestly don’t think it’s an easy job or a good professional environment, and would be loathe to give a uniformly good impression anywhere outside of one of the tours I conduct.

The past coupla weeks have been very crowded, and there’s been a lot for everyone to do. I’ve been tired, but in the midst of that fatigue I’ve also experienced the renewal of energy and purpose I’ve often been preached to about. I think that has built me up. I’ve also had the satisfaction of at least having made a contribution to what I see as the main effort, which is, ultimately, about building people up. The different final states each builder has in mind isn’t much of a problem, because the material is raw enough and there are portions everyone can agree to work on. As for the methods used to get there, at least I can say I know a few now, and have attempted executing them, which is more than I could say before.

I’ve also had one or two ‘divine appointments’ in my recent stint in camp. I encountered the phrase in Edmund Chan’s Roots and Wings discipleship course. I’ll use it for the moment, although I feel it’s a bit too cumbersome and top-heavy. I do agree with the ideas associated with it in the context, though. It involves being thankful for the opportunity, praying for love to share, and discernment.

I’m not at the end of the race yet, so I think I’ll stop my incomplete thoughts here.

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