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News From the Battles

The situation has been disorganized and stressful because of the simultaneity of the developing conflicts, but at the moment some clarity is emerging from the picture. I have three reports to make.

From the Business front, the news is positive. As always, we were confident; the mission was of a kind that we could be reasonably sure of accomplishing, though the particular conditions were surprisingly adverse. As is usually the case in this sort of scenario, we spread ourselves thin, and our forces are all but spent, but on this front, at least, the objective will be met.

The situation on the Passion front was a lot less predictable. We did not prepare for the environment, which nearly proved disastrous. The terrain was hard and resisted our best efforts at many points. We managed to avoid complete failure only because there were a few alternative paths to be found, and because some of the blocked ways proved navigable after the difficult initial stages. The boost to morale was critical, and we were able to make up for lost time.

From the Solidarity front, I report defeat. This was our most prolonged, if intermittent, engagement, and it was time that eventually took its toll. Our enemies have had the singular aim of isolating our objective, an allied base, and up until now we have been able to provide support through previously prepared channels. However, the condition of the infrastructure has been worsening, and the links have become increasingly difficult to use. We have also relied on diversionary tactics at times, but recently we have been unable to maintain the increased activity level that entails because of the commitment of our troops on other fronts. From the beginning, our enemies have been curtailing our ally’s operations quite effectively, and their capabilities have been reduced over time as a result. Independent action on their part is not to be expected. We have been effectively isolated from our objective.

Very well. Your reports have been noted.

Sir, how goes the war?

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