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Starting Block

I’ve been going through some dark territory this past week. Perhaps it’s been building up, and for that reason or some others I have in mind, earlier this evening I was a bundle of frenetic, restless energy. I should’ve done the obvious and asked for peace, but I pretty much just managed to try and drink my pumpkin soup slowly. It didn’t help much, I guess, and so here I am at 4 a.m. having let that energy surge run its course.

A few things and a few thoughts happened during that surge time. I think hope is renewed, although it must be said I’m unable to feel light at the moment; for now, it’s enough that I determine that there’s no downward slide in store for my life-back time (so named because for the next 5 days I want to proceed with the energy of believing that in some meaningful way I ‘have my life’ back).

I’ve amazed myself with a few of the things I’ve done this week and I hope some of those things will see light here or elsewhere over the next five days.

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